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Artist Statement

My work explores the creation and transformation of meaning and emotional experience through digital processing of visual information. The information that underpins our visual understanding can be transformed back and forth from pixels to text to code, undergo mathematical conversion via software, and ultimately be displayed in new visual forms and take on (or lose) meaning. Packets of information from different sources in different forms can be juxtaposed; information can be revealed or concealed, duplicated or erased. These transformations mimic how nature works on the physical environment - through erosion, sedimentation, and chemical reaction. Each piece embodies a unique environment of information and experience built, like tectonic plates, on the shifting sands of digital information.


Nancy Welsh is a digital artist who lives and works in Albany, NY. She is a 2019 graduate of HVCC’s Digital Media program. Having abandoned a career in environmental science to pursue the digital and graphic arts, Nancy is interested in the use of digital processes as a way to mimic nature: deconstruction, fragmentation, and layering of imagery result in unexpected forms, revealing the interdependence of technology and nature in the context of human existence. Her work has appeared in the Best of SUNY exhibition, at the Southern Vermont Arts Center, at Second Street Studios and 344 Gallery in Troy, NY, and online.

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